It’s Christianity Jim but not as we know it.

Most people will have run away when the first thing I spoke about in my blog was being a Christian. So now the ones who think Christians are boring have gone I’ll tell you less prejudiced folk about the interesting stuff.

You often hear Pastors talk about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I don’t know what they think they mean but then hey it’s personal so it can be different for everyone.

The Jesus I know is a complex or maybe I just mean a complete person. All the usual attributes people talk about Him having are there of course, but one seldom mentioned is also. Humour.

Jesus’ jokes are so perfect they crease me up. God kinda obviously can do perfect timing and, as it is said, timing is the secret of good comedy. The funniest thing He ever said to me was when I was lying by the pool on holiday in Spain. I’m looking at the water and He just says “Wanna see a trick?” I nearly fell off my sun lounger laughing.

I had felt so down on that holiday, it had been planned long in advance and managed to fall at a really bad time I could not have predicted when I booked it. As a result I was separated from someone for the duration and it felt more like hell with palm trees than a nice vacation. I needed cheering up for sure, and Jesus’ hilarious self-irreverence was well-timed in more ways than one.

Self-irreverence – a concept that only applies to a few I’d say,

I have noticed that God does very elegant multi-dimensional solutions generally speaking. By that I mean He solves several things with one action. Efficient and neat. His swimming pool joke was timed to be funny but also timed to cheer me up.

A lot of big stuff happened between me and Jesus on that vacation. It’s a place I’ll doubtless return to in this blog.


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