Thoughtless acts of kindness

Is it an act of kindness when what you do to help one harms another?
“Kind” people keep doing it.

This morning I was rudely woken by a neighbour yelling at the top of their voice right outside my door because they were kindly waking up the person who lives at the door opposite so they didn’t oversleep.

That was my one chance to sleep in late gone as I work all week and have to get up early usually.

They could have used their doorbell or had a key to go in and wake the person, or buy them an alarm clock. There was no thought or consideration of the effect of their act of kindness to one on the lives of others.

When there is a long queue of cars to the train station one person lets another car into the queue ahead of the many waiting behind. The person let in is not late because of it, but all those behind are now a tiny bit later getting to the train.

Maybe they miss their seat now or worse miss their train or worse miss the train are late for work and lose their job.

Is thoughtless kindness Christian? You can say God has a plan but taking that too far, that would mean it doesn’t matter what we do at all.

I don’t think most Christians would agree with that because they would say it meant it’s OK to sin but God wants us not to sin. So why should bad consequences of well-meaning acts be different?

Perhaps thoughtlessness is a sin even when applied to good intentions. There is an old saying – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


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