Where the hell?

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” – Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars.

In death there is victory. To be reborn you must die. Weakness is strength. You get my drift.

Want it ask for it then consider it done, stop wanting it. Anyone familiar with occult practice will note the similarity with prayer. It’s in a tangential space.

God’s logic is not you push the broken truck harder it’s you stop futile pushing and phone the guy with the tow truck to come pull it for you. God’s logic pulls not pushes. It’s movement Jim but not as we know it.

I suggest that both prayer and less savoury accesses (eg witchcraft) ultimately operate in similar although perhaps diametrically opposed dimensions, so some  similarities in some ways are not really surprising. In prayer however we ask Jesus to do the work there whereas in occult practice one would be asking the other somewhat less pleasant being to do so.

Dimensions? Yes. A universe with 10 or 11 dimensions is pretty much standard physics now. Our reality is in all of them although we only perceive the usual 4 of spacetime. It is absurd to think however that there isn’t important stuff that matters to our very existence happening in the ones we can’t perceive.

It is equally absurd to think that (if you accept the reality if God) He doesn’t also do stuff in those other dimensions.

Now think about the square root of minus 1. It’s an “imaginary” number. It’s not in the positive direction away from zero and it’s not in the negative direction either. It’s in a third direction that normal positive and negative numbers, had they perception, would probably not perceive. For tidiness let’s suppose this imaginary number line is at right angles to our familiar positive-negative axis. It’s a hidden dimension but it opens up a whole new way for things to get done – now we can do roots of negatives.

Well the universe is like that too. Those dimensions we can’t see are nevertheless doing important stuff. What’s more, in the same way our imaginary numbers extend the possibilities of mathematical logic in our square root example, the extra dimensions in our real universe extend what can happen here.

But you need to be able to access them to do stuff. That requires being able to think in a direction you can’t point to. It takes practice. It’s not a path however that I would advise you walk unless God is giving you the guided tour and is with you every step. Without Him it’s witchcraft which ain’t such a great idea. Some dimensions contain nasty things.

Far better to let the guy who created the dimensions do it for you. All you have to do is ask Him. He will process all reasonable requests in a way that fits with His overall plan for the welfare of all. Jargon free version – God answers prayers but note He does so in His time because it works out better that way in the long run.

The x, y and z dimensions of our universe are probably warped around a diameter of about 30 billion light years. Thereabouts 100 billion light years. That’s a journey of about 6.3 times more time than has yet existed if you momentarily accept the Standard Model. That’s just the curvature of space, no big deal.

Now those teeny weeny other dimensions are, we get told by physicists, “rolled up”. I could mention Planck lengths and sizes of photons which is another way of looking at it, whatever, it’s NOT actually weird or hard to understand. We just accepted the dimensions we normally perceive are rolled up by a curvature of radius 15 billion light years. The other dimensions just have a radius of curvature that’s way way less.

Now a photon takes Pi times the diameter of the universe in years to go all the way round the curve of our perceived space. A real long time. But how long does it take to cross the other dimensions of our universe? Hmm. They are very tiny radii places. Not long. Like instant really (Planck, photon diameter, limits to locality etc). So some aspects of the photon are in big space and take ages to cross the universe while other aspects of the photon are in tiny space and cross instantly.

Sounds to me like a mechanism for quantum entanglement to seemingly (to our perception) happen faster than the speed of light allows whilst actually not violating the speed of light at all.

Think of it another way. If length and breadth of a balloon are say 10 cm but height is 5 cm you have a  squashed sphere like a discus. Cross one way covers 10 but cross the other is only 5. Twice as fast one way as the other, Now squash it more. Make that 5 into  0.0000005. Now you can cross our little universe in a balloon 20 million times faster in one dimension than the other two.

Our universe is like that, only the squashed directions are ones we can’t perceive and a whole lot more squashed than 20 million times smaller. Perhaps the very reason we can’t perceive them is because they are squashed so tiny. But all of everything is still in them and information travels both the long ways and the short ways. Some arrives via slow long directions – forces. Some arrives via fast short directions – quantum entanglements.

Check out what the Bible says about the heavens rolling up like a scroll. Check out that St.Paul mentions height breadth depth and width – hmm that’s four spatial dimensions not three.

Particle wave duality. Why mention that? Well it’s another trick of dimensions and perception. Slice a knife along the tops of a wavy line drawn in ink on some absorbent paper, just slicing off the tiniest tips of the crests. Now look from above, ninety degrees to the plane of the paper you drew on. Yes that’s right, the edge of the paper. Whaddya see? Dots on the edge of the paper? That’s your particles. Particles are just the tiniest crests of probability waves looked at from a dimension 90 degrees to them.

Depending how deep your perceptive plane intersects the wave plane the bit of wave you get smears more into a set of lines so becoming more fuzzily located in space.

Oh by the way, when I said some of those dimensions contain nasty things, well where do you think Hell is located?


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