My God I’m full of stars!

God can hold the universe in His hand. The same God fills us as the Holy Spirit. So we are full of stars.

Silly? Well maybe, but remember it next time something challenges you or makes you fearful or worried. There is nothing in the universe greater than God. All is within His grasp and power, and He is within you.

There are some more concrete little stars inside you if those are a bit too abstract:
Our bodies contain several different twelve-pointed star-like phosphate spoked molecules. An important pair of such molecules are Chi A and Chi B.

Chi A gains a phosphate per spoke per hour from Chi B. Then when Chi A is full, Chi B removes a phosphate per spoke each hour back from Chi A.

So you have two 12 hour phases.
It looks like an AM and PM clock because that’s exactly what it is. It’s our body clock.

God divided the day and the night each into 12 hours for us long before the Babylonians decided on base 60 and base 12 for their counting (the system we still use today for our time).

An old outdated concept of God was that of a divine watchmaker. Maybe not quite such a naiive notion after all.


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