Can you feel the force?

Colossians 1:17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

I believe love is a force. Like the strong nuclear force or electromagnetism. I think there is more to love than the emotion, the good intent, the empathy we as humans feel. I think what we feel is like what God feels/produces. As we are made in His image I think we can feel it although of course He feels it so much more. I think God IS love, that ultimate force by which all things consist.

Being before all things I think means He existed before anything we would recognise as a universe. That by Him all things consist means that it is His continuing will that holds the universe in existence – His force, His will, which I believe is manifest in a physical force which creates and effects aspects of all matter and energy that exist in some of the ten or eleven dimensions we don’t normally perceive.

An aspect of us that is fundamental to us (in my opinion) that I think exists in those usually unperceived dimensions is our souls. I think the force of love can be accessed by us, working through our souls, through faith His grace giving us the permission to work in those dimensions through Him. I think that’s how faith moves mountains and other miracles happen.

So I don’t think miracles and souls are incomprehensible crazy notions produced by unscientific and gullible illogical minds as perhaps some militant atheists might assert. I think God created a complex physical universe that we don’t yet understand but a lot of it, including souls and miracles and a force called love are neither crazy notions nor beyond some measure of grasp of scientific understanding.

Many insights into the physics of reality can be gleaned by study of the Bible. It truly is His work and He has put it here to help and guide us in all things, including science.


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