Service report

I’ve not been blogging recently because I am getting married in 9 day’s time. Yes it is a busy time. Then it’s honeymoon for 2 weeks, then move house, then maybe another big change after that as well. No I don’t mean a baby… they take 9 months and we have no idea whether we will have one or not. We’ll take what God gives on that one. My lady is the first girl I ever kissed, 39 years ago. We went separate ways after a few days and I went off into a life far from what life should be. I never stopped loving and missing her, always regretting not marrying her. 5 years ago Jesus reeled me in by His grace and I gradually discovered Jesus and was born again. By strange circumstances I had been reunited with my lady just over a year ago and the love blossomed again. Thank you Jesus.
Jesus is love freedom and the path to the best life you can have in this world and the next. No ifs no buts, I know it for sure and will tell anyone that simple truth written in my own life. God Bless you all, see you all again in a while.


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