The Lord of the dance was at my wedding.

Another interesting but short-lived blog. At best that may well be what some of my readers may have thought when I stopped writing this blog two or three months ago. Well real life got busy.

I met the girl I love 39 years ago. She was the first girl I ever kissed when I was 16, We lasted a day, I spent the next 38 years regretting how we broke up and wishing I had married her. I don’t know how many times ovrr those years I cried actual tears.

I went off and lived a life that was all the things a Christian should not be. Use your imagination. Wrong sex, the occult, wrong religion, cars, motorbikes, some violence and drink, lots of diverse and very bad company and quite a lot of different chemicals too – I was a bad boy and I was good at it. I have had some incredible adventures in quite a lot of countries, meeting the highest and lowest, seeing the world in it’s lightest and darkest.

Don’t think this stopped me having three good suit-wearing responsible careers either. But nothing satisfied.

About 5 years ago something inside me snapped. I just walked out of my house and headed for town. I needed something but I didn’t know what. An unsuitable friend had once said he has a social life plan B and that it was dancing. Proper dancing not nightclubs.

I remembered his words and that night by a strange route I ended up at a peculiar tango dancing lesson which was taking place in a shop window as people walked past watching. It was interesting and exotic enough for my jaded personality and I went to tangos every week for four years.

Tango people were funky and intelligent, and dancing with pretty women of all ages but without any sexual agenda was what I needed to lead me away from the darkness toward the light. Even after a couple of months dancing I had changed deeply. My tango teacher had said at the very first lesson to “Beware because tango changes you.” God has a sense of humour and there are no coincidences – as we know as Christians, no such thing as luck – the name of that tango class is “Tango Serendipity.”

In that first two months I changed so much that I said goodbye to my old life. People who I had known couldn’t understand and I couldn’t explain because I didn’t know the reason either. I didn’t know it was God yet. He had me on his fishing line and was gently pulling me away from the dark to the light so subtly I didn’t know it.

Like an object falling, the change got faster and faster. It became exhilarating. One night what I now know was the Holy Spirit came upon me as I was driving home. All those things people say about it feeling like electricity and things, yes but you can’t really describe it.

I searched for answers. I didn’t know it was God yet. I went online to try to find people I could talk to who had the same experience of change. I wanted to avoid the corruption and bad places on the internet and I found a little chat room full of Christians where I felt there would be nothing nasty and I could talk honestly. I was not yet  knowingly a Christian but God had put me where I could learn what had happened to me and who had done it. I went there many times for a few months and chatted with some lovely people. In the end I had exhausted all other possibilities, just as my old life had tried everything except the right thing. I knew there was no other possible explanation. It was God that had changed me. I finally knew.

A few months later God arranged I should “coincidentally” have opportunity to meet the girl I had loved lost and missed all those many years ago. She had been a Born Again Christian for around 30 years. There are no coincidences. I asked her to the tango dance. I was born again, she prayed with me. We got engaged, we did it properly, I had a wonderful baptism we went to our wedding pure. In our church this last year I have so many new lovely friends. The first time I walked in there with the lady who was to become my wife I felt I had come home. One if my favourite songs now us “Come Home” by Johnny Cash.

A few weeks after that first Sunday, up on stage in that church. I gave testimony of who and what I had been and how Jesus had saved me, not because I had asked, known, or earned it, but because of His Grace and Love. I asked my love up onto the stage and proposed to her.

A year later, six weeks ago, we were married. It was a fabulous wedding with all our friends andvfsmilies. Our first dance was a of course a tango.

Jesus likes weddings. His first public miracle was at Cana. He certainly arranged my wedding! He invites everyone to His – the Church is His Bride.

So that’s why you haven’t heard from me a few weeks. I’ve been getting married, going on honeymoon to Scotland, moving house and settling in with the girl I loved all my life. Thank you Jesus my beautiful lovely friend, what words can I say…

Dance dance wherever you may be, for I am the Lord of the dance says He, and I’ll lead you all wherever you may be, I’ll lead you all in the dance says He.



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