God of the gaps

Some theists are often accused by atheists of having a God of the gaps. By this the atheists mean that as each scientific discovery explains something the theists retreat to moot God as the explanation of whatever more fundamental (precursor) part of the updated scientific theory still cannot explain.
This accusation is not of course levelled at literalist or so-called fundamentalist theists, who make no retreat at all, but sadly in the case of some Christians often fail to justify their literalism by showing that it offers a credible and scientific evidentially compatible cosmological and biological explanation.
Sceptics demand proof and wave Occam’s razor yet regardless of the fact that their alternatives are themselves but theories – mutable and forever incomplete.

Allow me to help them try complete one. God told me this stuff, and there’s plenty enough clues in the Bible to figure it all out.

You can see height, width and depth – you perceive the three standard dimensions. You also perceive the fourth – the passage of time – but you can’t look or go or point in the fifth dimension, or any of the others – there are about eleven altogether.

Wrong. Kinda.

You are in those other dimensions. IN them. Inside them. All of them, just like you are in the 3+time. Right now.
You can and do travel in them, constantly. EVERYTHING does.
You are inside the usual mundane 3+1 and THOSE ONES are BIGGER than you, about 13 billion light years radius. Yes they are curved, but don’t get sidetracked by that just yet.

The point is you can see stars a long way away – up, sideways and in front of you – because the “normal” dimensions are all a lot bigger than you and you inside them.
OK now we can do the sidetrack bit.

I said they are curved not straight. The Earth seems pretty flat and the horizon pretty straight – so much so that people once thought the Earth was flat. But we know it isn’t, and if you travel in what feels like a straight line for enough days you will go all the way round and end up back where you started. It is an imperceptible curve in a direction you are simply not perceiving very well.
Well our “normal” 3 dimensions of space are also curved in a direction you are simply don’t perceive because the curve s very, very, slight. OK so now you understand dimensions are curved – rolled up like a scroll.

The other “not normal” dimensions are rolled up really, really, tight. Their curves are extreme, not slight – dimensions 5 to 11 are tightly curved.

Our big three are “rolled up” very big wide – 13 billion light years radius. The tiny dimensions are rolled up smaller than an electron.

But we and the electron are still INSIDE the “tiny” dimensions – just like we are inside the “normal” dimensions.
We are (and the electron) are inside something smaller than us. Like a Dr Who TARDIS, kinda.
So actually we are wrapped round and round but its OK it doesn’t hurt because we are used to it ever since we existed, so we don’t even notice it. We only notice the great big “normal” dimensions.

So of course all the information (about us, and all the rest of the universe including our friend the electron) is wrapped round inside the tiny dimension. It completely spans the whole of that aspect of the universe, all at once.

Therefore information takes no time to travel across it, because it is already all over it.


That;s a lot quicker than the speed of light yeah?

That is how quantum entanglement happening instantly does not break any rules about the speed if light.

When a physicist tells you any change in an electron simultaneously affects every other electron in the universe but he doesn’t know how it can that without breaking the speed of light, that’s the how bit he doesn’t know.

When physicists declare it’s a bit strange that quantum physics stuff and classical Einstein/Newton stuff seem a bit separate and hard to reconcile and we don’t perceive quantum’s strange ways at our physical human level, that’s why it is that way.

Now here’s the neat bit.

All this means you are omnipresent. Like God.

Yep, we really are made in His image. It’s just really hard to see it from here. Ain’t that a fact.


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