Movie Review – Interstellar

What’s a movie review doing on a Christian blog? Nope, I am a Christian and I write about Christianity, and other things possibly, but this isn’t a “Christian” blog just for Christians. My, and our, world and world view should not be limited to navel gazing. Sometimes we can look at movies and other things and talk about them. Cut me do I not bleed? – Aanyone who doesn’t get that reference please look it up in Shakespeare, figure out what he meant when he said it and then you’ll know why I said it, and you will have had an introduction to why Mr Shakespeare is alongside the greatest writers in all time, and I will have done my good deed for the day by maybe introducing you to a wonderful writer.

I digress. Interstellar. Good movie. Exciting. Good drama, plenty of emotion as the film critic Mark Kermode has already observed. Heavily reviewed by all the top critics already. So why am I bothering? Physics. The kind God has been tutoring me on. The sci-fi physics in this movie are in in many places in accord with what God has been leading me to grasp. Love is a force that trancends time and space. Yep. There are other dimensions and they allow strange things to happen. All of time is available from some perspectives and it doesn’t violate free will. This movie has enough in it for me to figure that whoever put those physics into the story has a handle on this. So I’m not the only one He is telling. I had no reason to think I was, but it’s real interesting to know it.

Is it a “Christian” move. No. Is there stuff in it you would say goes against what Christians know and understand. Yes. Does it even mention Christianity. No. Should it be of interest to Christians? I think so. Is it harmful to Christianity? No. Should you watch it? I think it would be entertaining and give you a very limited movie montage pop view of some of the stuff I sometime talk about in terms of physics.

Now here’s one little fun reference I don’t think other critics have noticed. The organ music chord used in the score of this movie is as far as my ear can tell the main one from “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (tone poem by Richard Strauss addressing the book of that name by the controversial philosopher Nietzsche, used in Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” A nice musical reference to Kubrick in a film that has has many. Tt is the music that in the UK was used on TV when the moon landing ocurred in 1969. It seems to be the same chord in Sean-Sans uses in the most popular movement of his Organ Symphony number 3 – hear it at .That chord seems to be well associated with outer space. It was the processional entrance of the bride music my wife and I chose for our wedding, the theme of which was space, time and the heavens.

There’s plenty n this movie, I’d say go see it.


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