Darkest before the dawn – a star in the east.

Why do we see a world without God – A world where belief is not the norm any more – Where Christmas comes with every bauble but no mention anymore of Christ Jesus? – because we (enough of humanity) did not honour Him.

Humanity is not (mostly) honouring Him by being alive in the life He gave us at the cost if His own. Do we all live in the freedom and love as He commanded or has humanity turned their back to Him?

Do not be surprised if Jesus is hard to see in the world, if the world is facing in the other direction. To see Him you must turn to Him.

You will not see Him fully in the world until He returns. Like Him you are not of this world, but merely in it. So do not seek Him here, for as He said before, He is in His Father’s house about His Father’s business. He is there preparing the way for our journey to meet our loving Father, while our work is here, preparing the way for His journey back, to fold up the worn out tabernacle. (Time and space will be folded up).

In the inner tabernacle was a chest and in it were laws on two stones.

The world is the worn out tent in which we live, our bodies are the inner temples, and in our chests we have our living heart, in which we know are written the laws we should keep.
There is a pattern to it.

The law chest had two stones within.
Jesus told us two laws.
Another pattern.

Do not hark back looking inward to a locked away heart of stone – it was never intended that the law should be worshipped (remember all those warnings about stone and wooden idols?) – the new covenent is what you have in your living heart. You are free from the “law” on the stones because you carry the spirit of the law in your heart. So let the light of His living love shine forth from your heart ito the world and illuminate the way that leads us to Him and Him to us. Be not of heavy heart – they are not stones you carry within (His yoke is light).

He rides on hope at the dawn of His new day lighting the world. The morning star is His sign of the dawn to come. A star in the east led worshippers to the place of His birth, and if you care to look it is there in the heavens still, foretelling His return. It is right there, oftenn to be seen rising in the east just before the Sun illuminates the world. On the very last page of the Bible, Revelation 22:16, just before the last of His words recorded in the Bible, where He says He will return quickly – in case you missed it. Jesus is the light of the world, like the Sun after venus, He will indeed come quickly.

Jesus I thank You for this. The heartbeat is a double beat to remind me of Your two great commandments every moment that I live. Amen.

Post Script – I had intended to write about Jesus’ last recorded words, but did not know until after I had written this blog that I had also included the first of His recorded words – the part from Luke where He says – probably as a young man teenager – that He is about His Father’s business in His Father’s business. I felt inspired to write this blog and had not realised until I wrote it the connection between His arrival (birth) being accompanied by a star and the last two staements by Him recorded in the Bible. To me this is one of those repeating patterns of themes and events in history that we find throughout the Bible that are the fingerprints of authentic prophesy. As always God is the most elegant and subtle of artists in everything He does.