Happy Christmas

I had sought peace at a time when I had felt troubled.
Here is the vision I had.
I found myself by some rocks on the slopes of a bare mountain.
On a rock sat Jesus and I sat down beside Him.
We sat in peaceful silence.
In the distance on these slopes there were people. Gradually I could see they were refugees.
We sat in silence watching this pitiful sight.
Jesus just wanted me to see He is with those rejected people because they are special to Him.
Not because they know about Him or care about Him, but because He knows and cares about them, and somehow in a way we cannot see, they will have an important role in His plan.

The prodigal son left his father and went to bad places far from his father, mingling with people who would be anethema to his father, using his gift until it was spent.
Then he returned to his father’s house where he was welcomed back and replensihed.
What tales did the prodigal son have to tell his father?
Did he tell his father that while he was away he had met people who behave badly yet had become friends with some?
Did he explain to his father that some of the people he met while he was away are not irredemable characters but they had some good in them and that their lives had brought them into great need?
Perhaps as time went by they needed hired hands.
Perhaps some of those the son had met who needed help, the son went back to bring into the service of his father’s house. To give them a new better life. Not because they had earned it or deserved it, but because the son had chosen who to make his friends and help.

Jesus left His Father’s house.
Jesus was accused of being a wine bibber and keeping bad company.
Jesus is his own man. He choses His own friends.
Jesus extends His love to those furthest from Him.
Jesus returned to His Father’s house.
His care and Grace is not reserved for believers.
His Grace is not deserved or earned.

Jesus brings hope to the hopeless. Love to the unloved. Life to the dead.
He is Hope, He is Love, He is Life.
The stone the builders reject becomes the cornerstone.
Those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.
He is coming, quickly.

Happy Christmas!