Through a glass darkly

The theory of inflation of the universe suggests there was a fast phase shortly followed by a much slower phase. People seem to struggle with the why of that gear change from high to low, but if you think that the pure energy reached a point where it condensed into matter, then E=MC2 (its a typo I can’t do superscripts in my blogger) easily explains the sudden drop in inflationary pressure, as matter is highly condensed as compared to energy.
Note it was space and time itself that expanded – all the dimensions.
It is assumed that the expansion of dimensions was even, and as far as it goes for the dimensions we perceive that may be so, it is patently absurd if we are saying that of all the dimensions. Insofar as our four familiar dimensions are concerned they expanded to the sizes we now see, but up to 7 of the 11 dimensions are rolled up very small. They did not get rolled up, simply they never expanded to the degree that the others did, in the first place.
Having tiny dimensions is handy for explaining why C is not violated by quantum entanglement – communication via a tiny dimension is instant without violating C because the whole diameter of the universe is smaller than all the particles in it, so travel from one particle to another takes no time at all. The photon does not need to move as it fills everywhere all at once.
In the same way as there is only one electron in the tiny dimension, which projects into multiple points in our familiar dimensions, so every electron in the universe is just a protuberance of a single electron in the tiny dimension. Feynman and Wheeler are right.
This projecting into another dimension is the same geometric illusion as particle wave duality by the way – the top view of a plane slicing the tops off a wave is a “smeared” point, and this is a slice through a probability wave, so the perceived object is just the chance of it being there. Yes it does take a bit of wrapping your head around but it’s very easy to illustrate graphically and all becomes a lot easier to grasp. It’s really easy actually once you have seen it – you’d wonder what all the fuss is about particle wave duality being difficult – a child can quickly grasp it once shown the diagram.
Making a brief foray into possible experiments, a neat alternative way of detecting gravity waves by the way might be to use spaced atomic clocks. A gravity wave is a ripple in space-time, so rather than looking for spatial effects, one could look for temporal effects. Remember space is elastic and changes size (it expanded after the big bang remember?) but of course so is time, as that also is just another dimension. The only problem is devising a reference for the clocks and getting the comparison information back to look at. Quantum entanglement might provide a way to get the info back with zero lag and stretch, but that suffers from observational collapse of probability due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, so is not brilliant for conveying information. However, better understanding of particle wave duality as an intersection of a plane and a wave at nominally right-angles might lead to better understanding of probability and uncertainty,  so may provide a geometric solution to the otherwise almost uselessness of quantum entanglement as a communications mechanism.
Anyway, I digress. What of dark matter, how does all this help us explain that?
Gravity is the stretching of a dimension, a distortion of space-time caused by mass (“condensed” energy). There is no reason to suppose there is not condensed energy in the 7 dimensions we do not see – at least as much as in the 4 we do experience directly. Actually it might just be the same stuff – I mean the actual stuff – that is simultaneously and identically in our four – just maybe a bigger part of our world is actually also somewhere else. There are more dimensions hidden from us (7) than those we experience (4), so maybe there is more mass in the hidden ones than our four. Sounds even more like dark matter to me.
A few extra dimensions full of stuff and the fact that gravity is just the very leaky stretching of dimensions by stuff is all you need to explain dark matter. They are having a hard time finding it because they are looking in the wrong place. They need to look in those directions we can’t see – the “hidden” 7 dimensions.
It’s a funny coincidence that people say “seventh heaven”, but then hey, there is no such thing as coincidence eh.
Thank you Jesus for your continuing revelations about your universe that you made.


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