Psychologists call it authenticity crisis.You go about feeling a fraud and doubting yourself, not feeling you have really “made it”, feeling inadequate, like you are pretending to be what you are not. Is that suit and tie quite right? Do the other architects buy that brand of polo-neck? I’m a Chartered Accountant but is that the right briefcase for an accountant? Is that the right shade of lips-gloss for a lady of my position? Do the other lawyers wear Armani suits? Should a property investor like me be wearing Rolex or Breitling? No-one tells you.

Well its OK. If you’re not born again I’ll give you this one for free – You can quit whining. quit doubting. Pretty much EVERYONE who’s anyone feels like that. The secret’s out. All your peers struggle with it too.

That said, if you are born again the identity crisis – all the seeking who you really are stuff –  pretty much quit when you got born again and you already stopped worrying about it.

That’s the nice thing about being born again. You can relax and be the real you.

So now the you’ve lowered your shields, who are you? Really.

Funny thing is, as soon as you realised who the real you was, you found you knew it all along.

Smile, relax. Jesus loves the real you, and you are the real deal.

I can’t tell you who you are, but here’s a slice of my life – we might have some like in common…

Recommended reading: Cosmic Codes by Chuck Missler

Recommended listening: Mandisa – Born For This (Esther)

Recommended software: f.lux


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