Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1


I think it was Chuck Missler who said in one of his podcasts that he had failed to make sense of something he had read in the bible until he took more literally – that rather than think something didn’t make sense so it must be metaphorical not literal, it only made sense when he took it more literally. I apply Chuck’s insight and it has led me to think about some things in a way that has brought me to some interesting conclusions. I can sum this up by saying that to extract scientific knowledge from the bible you need to take it very literally.


By the way, to apply this, if like me and unlike Chuck you don’t have Greek, Hebrew, and probably Latin, you’ll need a good translation of the bible. That will be the old King James then, probably NOT something published since then (although I’ll reserve judgement on the ISV as I haven’t read it enough yet to form an opinion).


So, turning to Hebrews 11:1…


Perhaps this is something that operates through different dimensions. In the same way that there are aspects of our reality that to greater or lesser degrees exist also in dimensions we do not perceive, then maybe faith is a thing, that while similar to the word of God that creates, faith creates, not here and now but in the dimensions of the possible future. Actual real solid things and actual events, but they are over there, in one of those possible futures. Just like a meal you ate yesterday is real and a physical substantial thing, but not here now because it was eaten yesterday.


The word of God created the universe and the word is a living being and by Him it consists. Faith also creates, but it creates the things we hope for in the future and by faith they consist. So faith it is the actual physical substance of things, that we hope for. Literally as the bible says.


Do not be surprised that we humans can create in a way similar to the way God creates – we were made in His image. Faith is essential to our relationship with God as free created beings. It is the essence of free will – we can chose not to believe – and so too faith is essential to our humanity as beings that have souls. As such, at the theist/atheist level, if you are an atheist you may think you have no faith. However if so, you are wrong. Without the ability to choose, that sine qua non of your humanity we describe as faith, you could not be an atheist. So, despite the atheists’ lack faith in faith, they have no lack of faith. It’s just what (who) they have faith in, that they should re-evaluate.


The relationship of faith in Jesus is of course reciprocal. We are made in his image. Our relationship with God is like a mirror in so many ways. Jesus has faith in us. He hopes for our salvation, we are his work, his life’s work (in human terms of time) and he has literally given his life for us. His faith is the substance of our salvation, in that possible future, that we by our faith we can freely chose. In sin we are in darkness. Faith in Christ is the light that reveals the evidence that we were made better than our sin. Faith is the light of the world that we can share in, be revealed by as we truly were created to be, and be redeemed by. As such it is indeed the evidence of things unseen.



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