End Games Enlightenment

21 June 2015 is United Nations International Yoga Day.


It is unsurprisingly also Summer Solstice today, the longest day of the year.

What do they do in yoga first thing in the morning at sunrise? – A set of exercises called “Salutations to the Sun.”

So all over the world many people started today doing this pagan thing.

Before I was a Christian I did yoga for three years at a leading international yoga school. I was the lead student and sometimes took the class. I also studied Hinduism for 20 years. I am more than familiar with the salutations to the sun and it’s meaning. It also appears in classical Indian dance which I witnessed myself at the opening of the Department of Oriental Studies at Cambridge University in England.

New World Order, One World Religion, United Nations, promoting pagan practices… go figure, but don’t tie yourself in knots, all the answers are already written in the Bible.

Worship the Son, not the Sun, worship the maker of the Sun, the source of true light.


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