Time for an update…

A month ago it was time to move on. I was thoroughly ready to change my job, so I asked Jesus to find me a job and within two minutes of my asking Him, a job I wanted to do and that for various reasons I knew I had a good chance of landing, appeared on my phone.

I applied and to cut a long story short I got the job Jesus had sent me. I handed in my notice, did a nice handover so my old employer I was left in a reasonable state to carry on without me, and I started my new job this week.

In the planned gap between jobs I took a vacation with my wife in the County of Cornwall, UK. We had lovely weather and Jesus came along as companion and guide.

I was looking for a nice hotel and He led me down a road that the sat-nav said was a dead end with nothing there. I let the Holy Spirit lead anyway. We arrived at the end of the road and there as I could not have known but fully expected was a fabulous hotel. Naturally there was a life size sheep statue at the front door. Sea view, great restaurant, giant bed.

Next stop looking for somewhere to stay He said “I will lead you by still waters.” So we arrived at a town called “Watergate.” Jesus does brilliant puns and cryptic clues. I call it “breadcrumbs” like He plays a game feeding you a little trail to follow. It’s fun. Jesus is fun. We found a superb AirBNB style designer boutique place with fabulous views of the surf beach. Hmm, surf. Where’s that still water gone? Looking out of the back window of our room… ah, a big circle pond with cattle grazing beside the still waters.

So, onwards. We next arrive at the town of Mousehole. He says “Pick up the bible, take up my cross.” Very cryptic. We find a nice BnB. Owned by an elderly lady, a relative of the famous lifeboatmen that died so heroically from that village. There are bravery award all over the walls. Up in our room I look in the wardrobe. My hand aligns on a book at the back. I draw it out. Yes, of course, it’s a bible. So where the cross? That evening, somewhat romantically, my wife and me stand looking at the full moon over the harbour. Just outside the harbour are some rocks. On the rocks is… of course, an elaborate white-painted Christian Cross.

We prepare to go home. I overhear some children talking about a fireworks display and I think sadly that we will miss it because we are leaving. He says “I’ll give you fireworks. I know the path the lighting takes.” After a whole day driving home we arrive at midnight. I have figured out what he meant. I open the drapes and we sit down on the sofa tired from our journey. On cue there is a huge peal of thunder and a bright flash of lightning. We sit together and watch the lightning storm over the cathedral we look out on from the window of our home until two in the morning.

For the big journeys and the small, at work and at play, Jesus is a great companion, guide and friend of all who will accept Him as He for who and what He is. Yes He does the heavy stuff, end times, salvation, creator and sustainer of the whole universe, but because He can do and be anything, He also can just be your great friend you love to have along. I guess that’s what people mean when they talk about having a personal relationship with Him. God loves you, He wants to be part of your life. God created life, He created YOUR life. Let Him be part of it, invite Him in. He will change you, amaze you, intrigue and inspire you, guide and help you, and He loves to take an active part in your happiness.


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