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I just had a sane, OK, no problem at all, comment on this blog from a reasonable intelligent fellow human being.  Nevertheless I trashed it, but not before reading it, and as a complete rarity, personally responding to the writer.

So why trash it? Why not let it be published? Am I afraid of criticism, of debate. No, not really, but I definitely don’t have time for it (my work days are every day typically up at 5:30am home by 7:30pm driving between 60 and 200 miles clambering around dangerous places in safety kit then writing up to 40 pages of technical stuff, and at 55 years old that’s no joke), and as I said to the dear writer of that comment, commenting is not allowed on my blog. This blog is just a one-way thing to read like a book or a printed magazine. This is because as explained I do not have the time, energy or desire to do something interactive, and that because of the subject matter would inevitably become confrontational and attract trollish and banal comments that would require my management. Before I was born again I ran several controversial internet forums for some years with a couple of thousand members and I have more than enough experience of moderating, flame wars, trolls and so forth. Thanks but really really no thanks, been there, done that.

So, if something you read here gets you hopping up and down and eager to comment, well you can send it in, I will probably read it and I might just possibly respond (but it’s a long shot) but please do not be offended if I do not respond and WHEN (not if) I trash the comment so it isn’t published – I have informed you about this here and now, that commenting in on this blog simply isn’t a feature – it’s not really a duplex dialogue kind of thing.

The essence of the comment, for your interest as by now I’m sure you may be itching to know and I’m not wanting to be deliberately cruel, was that the commentator thought maybe Soloman and David did not exist as real people because a Professor R Davis an expert on the dead sea scrolls says there is no archaeological evidence.

Essentially my (off blog) response was that, if I can believe in 6 days creation and the great flood, it’s probably not too much of a stretch for me to believe in Soloman and David having existed. I also reminded the commentator that until it was dug up there was not archeological evidence for the pool of Bethesda and before then people had said that the pool didn’t exist.

My starting premise is that what is written in the Bible is true. The historical existence of characters described in the Bible – and these ones are huge leading characters (significant Kings) – really isn’t something I would feel I needed to seriously question. They have survived the best part of 2000 years of scholarly and deep erudite scrutiny and are still in all the sensible translations of the Bible. The stuff that is harder to understand are the things that seem impossible like walking on water or that contradict what contemporary mainstream science would have us believe, and it is those areas that more often are the subject of my blog.

Ultimately it is God that leads where my blog goes with matters of importance (in Christian terms). When my posts concern those topics it is usually because God has revealed something more to me. I don’t really know why He does that, other than that in the first place I was curious and asked Him to tell me all about the universe, and so that’s simply what He has been doing. He has been gradually “drip feeding” me information at a pace I can understand (mostly) and it is an intermittent but exciting journey. He said to me “I will give you the keys to the universe.” Now I had not asked for them, I just wanted to know how things work. What He wants me to do with those keys, He has not yet told me. He has not fully given them to me yet. It seems there is a whole great bunch of keys and I am getting them very very gradually at a pace I can just about manage. I have no idea how long the process may go on, and also it is intermittent and doesn’t always follow a pattern that at least I, can discern. Yes I have asked what I am supposed to do with all this information, but it seems I must wait upon the Lord for that answer.

So, in in lieu of an answer, for now I just assume He has some purpose in granting my request that goes beyond merely gratifying me, but not knowing what that purpose is, I feel I should at least take what He is giving me and “put it out there” (by means of this blog) because that’s all I can imagine to do with it, that might perhaps serve some purpose He has.

OK, I hope that answers a few questions for readers about where I get it, why I tell it, and why things here are the way they are.

God Bless You, All.


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