Hidden in Plain Sight – Give me a break!

This is the first post in a little series called Hidden in Plain Sight. It highlights things that are either wittingly or unwittingly – you decide – doing the work of Satan by promoting bad ideas.

Here in the UK there is a supermarket called Sainsbury. They sent me this promotional leaflet suggesting I take a (short) break from tradition this Easter by putting a piece of bacon in my hot cross bun.


Now whilst I know that under the new covenant with Jesus no food is forbidden to us, putting bacon in the buns that symbolise the victory of the King of the Jews as He was called on that cross, does seem a bit of a stretch.

Are we supposed to be taking a break from the tradition that Jews don’t eat bacon or maybe a break from the tradition that Easter is about the Son of God dying for us?

Give it a break Sainsbury’s!

Here’s a news story about Sainsbury’s from last year around Easter time – read it then ask yourself if I’m being silly.

Here in the UK the big supermarkets got a kicking because they didn’t get their Sunday trading hours extended.

Praise the Lord!





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