Job Offer

Sometimes God speaks to me in signs. Sometimes He tells me things that I am not yet ready to understand. They are landmarks that I will recognise later as I come to them on my journey, put there to reassure me that I am travelling in the right direction. I actually photograph these when I see them just so I can show people these are real.

When He was telling me science and physics things, God said to me He would give me the keys to the universe. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with the knowledge He was giving me. Little did I realise at the time that the last time He said to someone that He would give them a set of keys (to Heaven), they were to build a church. Of course eventually the penny dropped and I set up this online church website.

Some time ago God also said “Come and work for me.” I didn’t know what He meant. So he gave me a sign in the form of a vehicle number plate. E J08 0FR – an E-job offer! Now I know where He wanted me to work for him – online. So here we are.



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