Dangerous but Delicious

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Peanut Puffs are a snack product you won’t see much of in the UK. They are like puffed corn cheese snacks, but peanut not cheese. They are just as claggy and sticky on the mouth as cheese puffs by the way. I am definitely not saying these things are healthy, but unless you have a dangerous allergy to them, in my opinion, they are nice.


I guess the reason you can’t easily get them the UK is because the supermarkets are terrified of being sued by someone who has a peanut allergy.

Of course most people do not have peanut allergy, and if you have been introduced to Peanut Puffs in somewhere like France, you will probably find like me, not being able to buy them easily in the UK really annoying.

Well there are a few outlets in real world shops as well as online.
Amazon UK sell several varieties <– click

InterfoodThe real world shop one near me is the International Food Store in Mill Road Cambridge. As there are several international supermarkets in Mill Road, note it is the green one at:

96 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 2BD
Phone: Cambridge UK 01223 307774.
The Peanut Puffs they have are Lotto brand and are in the stack of packets you can just make out in window on the left of the photo as you look at it. There are two varieties – the more expensive peanut and hazelnut, or the regular cheaper peanut only. The peanut-only ones are in my opinion much nicer taste and better value. If you want to buy some there I should phone them first to make sure they are in stock.
NOTICE: I have not been paid any money or given any inducements by any product manufacturer or store to mention the products or stores featured in this blog article.

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