Miss You McDonalds Big Breakfast

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For thirty or more years I think I have enjoyed McDonalds Big Breakfasts. I first discovered these in London when I was on a training course, and having been partly raised alongside an American family with American things, it chimed in with me and all those small hours breakfasts I’d later had at the Top Four Club and the Galaxy Club on base at USAF Mildenhall and USAF Lakenheath.

Now sadly it seems many if not all McDonalds in the UK have stopped doing Big Breakfasts.

Now I get asked do  I want triangle or round egg – if I take the increasingly deprecated choice of human service rather than touchscreen. Dumbed down or Whaaaat! You gotta be kidding’ me – triangle or round egg?

I bet you never thought a moaning minnie Victor Meldrew like me would have a good thing to say about a corporation like McDonalds eh? Well, whilst one could pick faults with McDonalds in all sorts of areas, and some famously have chosen to do so, some of what McDonalds offer I find quite good and convenient, and their Big Breakfast was foremost amongst those products, so I really miss it, and waiting for my breakfast in several different McDonalds over the last few weeks, so do a lot of other people.

Please bring back the classic Big Breakfast McDonalds.

NOTICE: I have not been paid any money or given any inducements by any product manufacturer to mention the products featured in this blog article.