Hey Tyler!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 09.58.42
Screenshot of a Tyler Oakley video on You Tube.

No Tyler, I do not believe in aliens.
I believe the things people experience as aliens are actually demons.
I believe in Jesus Christ.

While we’re at it, if I’m having a “bad day” personally I have found that looking in a hand mirror is not really part of the solution.
I have however found that looking in a Bible helps.
I also remind myself that Jesus made the day and He doesn’t do “bad days.”

What’s more I have found it doesn’t help me if I choose to speak in a prancing camp affected “gay” accent so that other people get the notion I might be homosexual as if that’s some kind of a great idea. But “Hey Tyler!” – A) I’m not B) it isn’t and C) I’m not in the business of over-representing homosexuality in the media so that people are de-sensitised to it and begin thinking it is a widely prevalent normal and acceptable lifestyle choice that people should feel encouraged to make.

You have spent a lot of time, according to Wikipedia, championing LGBT causes and trying to prevent suicides among LGBT people. Sounds laudable, but maybe the root of this awful problem is really in the one place you don’t want to look.

I don’t “hate you” – boy you sure got a big hang-up on haters don’tcha – but I do find your chirpy syrupy adverts on You Tube intrusive and frankly offensive when I am looking to listen to some nice quiet jazz without having a vampy campy pseudo-kewl pseudo-young (you are 27 now not 17) corporate kiddette (or why else are you an ad on You Tube?) promoting politically correct (biblically incorrect) attitudes and lifestyles that do the very people you think you are helping,  actually I believe a disservice, even for just the four or five seconds it takes to get to the merciful skip button.

No, I really don’t have time to hate you, but I do think maybe I should find time to pray for you. Maybe I can squeeze in some prayer for you every time I find myself  waiting for that button on your videos – prayer is about quality not quantity after all.

I hope Tyler, Jesus gives you a whole wonderful new life real soon. Meanwhile have a nice alien-free day, not a “bad day.”