Mark of the beast


Owners microchip dogs. It is compulsory here in the UK  -how long before it’s compulsory for people eh?

Farmers tattoo pigs in the ear.

Ranches brand horses.

Dogs, pigs and horses are beasts.

If any in these things are done to identify humans it would be fair to say they are accepting (or having forced upon them) “the mark of the beast” in the sense it is the mark of a beast insofar as they are marked in the manner of a beast – for identification (for whatever purpose good or ill). Of course it has already happened once – some 6 million Jews were tattooed with numbers…

Did God mean the things written in the Bible about the mark of the beast in this sense – that the people are to be marked like beasts –  or did He mean the mark is the logo of a beast and those that bear the logo are the property of or are under the control of that beast – that beast being Satan or some other creature that serves Satan?

There you have two sightly different interpretations of the meaning of the mark of the beast.

Of course if you have read my earlier blog article you know I hold to a different quite orthodox interpretation the meaning of 666 – read my earlier article here <–click

So now we have three possible meanings. Which one is true?

I suggest that all those meanings are true. I have found it far from it being problematic that passages in the Bible may be read as meaning several things. The Bible is of necessity a thing that has passed through translations from one language to another and as time passes the languages also change their meanings, to the extent sometimes even what they are capable of easily expressing changes. English now has less plural pronouns than it once did, making it hard for the modern reader to appreciate the differences between and meanings of You, Ye, Thou, Thy, Thine, Me, My and Mine etc.

God knows/knew all the meanings that the Bible would/will have, and I suggest He created it with those in mind. Like a hologram it can reveal several things depending on the angle at which it is viewed. The Bible is a multi-semantic, and it uses puns, simile, types, number values, allusion, and quite literally every trick in the book to convey the correct meanings at the correct times. There are things in the Bible that did not mean anything until a certain time – its a kind of prophesy – a time-lock on the words that opens at the correct time.


Big kudos to anyone who can tell me why the image above of a lion reading a book denotes ownership – you will need to tell me what object this is a picture of – and extra kudos if you can tell me specifically which brand it is associated with (it’s not a logo or trademark). This may bring some very happy childhood memories back to British readers of this blog who were children in the 1960’s.



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