You Tube scores a “Norway”

The silly ads on You Tube have hit a new peak of irrelevancy.

You Tube know who I am and what I watch, they are perfectly capable of targeting me with vaguely relevant and sometimes uncannily relevant ads. I am a British Christian that looks at British Christian things. My You Tube browsing includes Jazz and Pastors and cute funny cat & kitten videos.

So You Tube really hit the irelevancy sweet spot with the ad for the Almohtarif channel.


What this guy is waffling on about I am pretty unsure, as it’s all in Arabic, a language I do not speak or read. I have not provided a link as it might be something nasty – I just don’t know as I cannot read or speak Arabic…

I did  a Google translate on a bit of what I found at the other end of the links and it said this…


As you can see it was talking about Allah and phones and jail – I assume but perhaps wrongly the guy is suggesting you “jailbreak” your Apple Phone. Something personally I would not be recommending as although it is just about legal in many countries it isn’t a great thing to do to your expensive nice phone if you want to keep your warranty. The “Allah content” of the tiny scrap I translated at random doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence either.

A look at his website shows it to be covered in a rash of tacky ads for “investments”.


Consumion says… “Norway”

Nil Points You Tube!




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