Fish-friendly mug scrubber

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I was wanting to avoid using those nasty plastic beads they put in exfoliating face scrubs because they are bad for the environment and are getting into the food chain in a big bad way. I didn’t want to use sand/earth/mud products or ground up nut kernels either, as these are all quite nasty abrasives.

I came up with using a Konjac face sponge, which I bought at Holland and Barratt’s Main Street store here in the UK. You just get it wet and gently work it over your face, no soap required.

The sponge is made by beauty kitchen who have a website here.<– click

Once you have used it, it dries out and shrinks to a tiny hard disk like a sort of cookie until next time you wet it, but that is perfect normal. Follow the directions exactly so you get the best out of this product.

           DRY                                                                      WET

Dry wet.png

I found the product effective and actually quite fun to use. Also I don’t have to worry about getting exfoliating face scrub stuff with nasty chemicals and beads in my eye.



NOTICE: I have not been paid any money or given any inducements by any product manufacturer or store to mention the products or stores featured in this blog article.


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