Hair Yesterday


I am keen to see if I can avoid Sodium Laurel Sulphate and Cocodiethanolamide

Articles like this one here should give you all the reasons why you might want to do that <– click

and this one <– click

It is not easy to find a product that satisfies ability to wash hair without various cheap nasty chemicals in it. It seems you can forget anything like liquid shampoo in a bottle. After much searching I decided to try a J.R.Liggett’s Shampoo Bar. I purchased this on Amazon for about 7 UK Pounds (equivalent about 10 Dollars US).

I used it for the first time today. I used it, in typical man fashion, in the bath. I was using Dead-Sea Salts in there also having already eschewed bubble bath that has nasty chemicals in. The bar lathered incredibly well, no complaints there.

It left the hair feeling quite a bit different to conventional shampoos. It did not, while still wet have that stripped glossed feel. It was to be fair, while still wet, a bit clumpy.

I then rinsed with a litre of tepid water containing four teaspoons of food grade organic cider vinegar (The brand was Aspall’s available here in the UK in any good store). I did this because lots of websites about shampoo bars recommend to do similar.

I then rinsed with a litre of tepid water, as I did not want to leave the acid and smell of vinegar on my hair.

Hair is now dry, feels silky and manageable and not stripped of oils.

So far very good, I will report back after a few weeks and tell how it goes longer term.

NOTICE: I have not been paid any money or given any inducements by any product manufacturer or store to mention the products or stores featured in this blog article.


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