On the Waters

I was thinking about The Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters. Think of Him, hovering all around that sphere we call Earth.

Has it occurred to anyone that this is a “pre-echo” “prophesying” that Christ would walk on the water?

And I thought about God, The Spirit, wrapping the world in Love, for He is pure love. And I thought “How did he feel, knowing that the lovely world he was making would fall and reject Him?” Of course He also knew that in the world, some of the people He would make in His image, with free will as He has free will, will freely choose Him (yes I did change tense there).

He had, and has hope that His world, made in love, will return that love. He feels hope. His hope is in us. Our hope is in Him. He wrapped the world in His pure love, our Father’s embrace.


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