A wee miracle

What is a miracle. Is it walking on water? Yes. However my minor miracle although water-related, was smaller than that, it was wee.

(Wee is a Scottish-English slang word meaning small and an English slang word meaning urine.)

I was in London. It was 6:30 AM. I had driven 80 miles. I needed to use the bathroom. All the places that might have toilets were closed. But Lo! In yonder side street – urinary salvation!

There in the street for no reason I could fathom other than that I needed it to be there, was a portaloo portable toilet, fully stocked, clean and open. Not associated with any construction-site, event or function.

Perhaps it has materialised like the TARDIS (Dr Who time-machine police call box reference), a sort of Turdis. Whatever, I was grateful and thanked Jesus.




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