No not the angel. And not even that Genesis.


Many years ago, simply because I lived near him I used to ocassionally bump into Phil Collins , Genesis prog rock drummer and subsequently a very good jazz artist. I didn’t then imagine however that I would have any connection with Peter Gabriel, also of the Genesis band. However, one of those music websites that ferrets out the strange connections with other people one has in musical taste has pointed me in his direction, and Lo! (little angel joke there) indeed there are some good connecty taste vibes with what Peter is doing.

Seems Mr Gabriel has a record label called Real World Records that is doing very interesting things. There are even old southern states black gospel things there, so the site really does seem to steer one to what will be liked.

If as I do, you miss the eclectic explorational mix of music that used to be presented by British Radio presenter John Peel, then the Soundcloud channel of Peter Gabriel’s record label Real World Records (<– click to go there), might help fill that void.



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