Arrival at a departure lounge – setting off on a new journey.

Cortina has sounded and  a new tanda begins (Tango dancing reference).

I can finally reveal some of where I have been headed personally. In my last blog some two weeks ago, I had said I was not quite ready to share it but maybe in two more weeks, but suffice it to say that the Lord was being very good to me and hence to my family. Happily I can now tell some of what has been happening.

It was time to move on from my last job. The travel and hours were way too much, the prospects were limited and frankly the whole shebang had become way less than happy. The job had served an excellent purpose for a year giving me some skills I needed, as a stepping stone to something else, but change was due. The Lord however had timed the beginning of that job perfectly and now He timed its end and the jump to the next place perfectly also.

The Lord does things differently to how we humans might. We would usually agree with the sentiment “monkey doesn’t let go of one branch until he has hold of another.” God’s way however is that is we have to let go like a trapeze artist and trust that we will be caught and conveyed to the platform at the other side of the big top by another person. To do that though, you do need real faith in the person catching you eh?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
– Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

Faith is a substance. It is like air. Take the Bible a little bit more literally and you will get some knowledge of physics that is beyond what the present mainstream understanding of the world is. It’s way ahead of the curve for most physicists and so won’t be widely accepted (and that’s all part of a wider spiritual war), but some clever folk like Chuck Missler for instance, do understand it. What you are (usually unknowingly) doing in “the spirit world” or as we should call it “The Kingdom of Heaven” – where part of you (your soul) is interacting in (real physical) dimensions one cannot (normally – but St Paul easily did and I have been shown the tiniest brief glimpse also) perceive, affects outcomes here in the earthly world (what some might call the “real” world) but I assure you the Kingdom world you do not see is just as real (God created heaven and earth, and there will be a new heaven and and a new earth as well). Air is something you can fly in. Faith is like air. Now read this:

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

– Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

Trust is a test of faith. You will not “get there” until you trust. Job came to understand this invisible faith thing is a real and solid thing, that yet you do not see it, you can trust (Job 35:14). God makes you jump and learn to fly like a young bird, because He wants you to grow and soar like the beautiful birds and angels He created. You must learn to trust His plan. When you trust the Lord in this world and take a “leap of faith” – I should say a “leap IN faith” because faith is a substance – so I leap in faith as I swim in water – then your soul flies in heaven like the birds in the air – and the journey is accomplished in this world because of faith in the Lord, that substance, supports us. By Him all things consist – here and there, seen and unseen. That substance, faith, consists (is in being) because the Lord keeps it so. It IS Him. You trust IN Him. He is IN you. The Bible says it so clearly, yet how many people how often simply don’t see what is plainly written. We really do have to be a bit more literal in our reading of His word where the physics/metaphysics and creation stuff is concerned to get the best from it, as He wishes us to.

We are made in God’s image, and as He is a builder (of everything) – echoed in the work of His Son the carpenter, adopted son of a tekton (architect) – and so we humans also often have an interest in building things. I have been interested in architecture and design since I was a small boy I could say, and certainly since my early 20’s I have been making trips to different places including many different countries to see iconic buildings and structures – towers, bridges and the like. I have worked in construction for ten years now and in Health & Safety for thirteen. I found myself in Construction almost it seems by accident (ironic humour?) and surprisingly to me, I loved it. He timed that right (of course).

Once again the Lord has now provided an opportunity to me in a way that was timed beyond perfection. If you imagine some kind of Mario platform game where you have to jump because your platform is about to dissolve, but the platform you hope to land on won’t appear until your feet have left your present platform, that is how exquisitely He timed his intervention in my life and career. As always He asked me to trust Him and make that leap in faith. I do not use the nick “Leapingfish” for nothing!

I would have gone away on my vacation to Scotland very depressed and worried about my work life as the hours and travel had made the whole enterprise increasingly stressful, and I had been looking for a better opportunity. However the Lord had arranged it that I would need a doctor appointment a day before my vacation was due to start (the doctor is not usually something to celebrate but bear with me here, the Lord moves in mysterious ways). I had just reluctantly turned down an interview for an interesting job because the closing date for applications was two days before my vacation was to start and I could not get to it due to work commitments. However the doctor had to be fitted in before my vacation so I booked an extra day’s leave to go to that. The recruitment agency then phoned me and said could I get to the interview if they extended the closing date by a day! The Lord makes a way where there is none eh?! So I went to the doctor the next morning and the interview that afternoon. I could so easily complain about painful arthritis on my arm, but it meant I had time off for the doctor that meant the Lord had a space in my diary to fill with his plans. Arthritis is not from God, but God will take anything, even bad stuff, and turn it to His purpose.

The interview went very well, but one never can tell from that. Usually one doesn’t hear for days or weeks. However, that same afternoon, before close of business and before I want off to Scotland with my wife, I got a call offering me the job, which I accepted. So instead of going to Scotland worried about the future, I went with a heart full of the thrill of something new and great prospects, and a quickly penned Dear John for the old boss.

I have been doing the new job a week now. I’m working with Principal Designers, Architects and Constructors on a variety of projects including an interesting prestigious, and very unusual, high profile public building. I’m part of a huge team of really nice professionals in a very nice office, it’s nearby so not too much travel, and its more money and has many other benefits that will help me provide for my wife, which is always very much one of my foremost motivations.

The Lord, who solves problems three-dimensionally also fixed the issue of what to do about my old car and how to get my wife a car. The new job comes with a car allowance. So once settled in the new job I can sell my car, buy my wife the car she wants with the money (regular readers will know that will be a Smart Car), and have a company car to use for myself.

Oddly (but unsurprisingly given that the Lord had a hand in putting me where He has) I am also placed where I can quietly be His ambassador, simply by being nice, professional and loving towards all people. That may sound mysterious, as for now it has to be – there are some aspects of my new work I may not discuss and other aspects it is simply not prudent to yet discuss. However, in a few years I hope I may be able to tell you something very odd about one of the projects I am working on, that also has “echoes” of some construction work my (earthly biological) father once did.

God’s plans make patterns throughout history, as we see clearly in the Bible many times through types and prophecy, and these patterns are real “echoes” – ripples in the constructive and destructive interference patterns in the waves of probability back and forth through time and space that comprise the physical and temporal flow that are the events of our lives and universe.

God, I think delights in the tocsin (touch) of mirroring one event with another much later. “Like father like son” is a clever reference God has now put into the decades long narrative of events for me to recognise and delight in, and probably to learn from and grow by yet more like the person He want me to be. What I do now know for certain, as He has now done it enough times for me to have “got the gist,” is that the Lord wants me to blossom and fulfil all my potential, which is way beyond what I ever dare dream or imagine, and He will make that possible, provided I do it all by trusting, following, and serving Him.

The significance of the father-son simile is indeed not lost on me. He has already shown me that my dad ended his life at a place of victory (God had arranged unbeknownst to me that dad’s coffin would literally be marched out of the church to a victory march music that only dad and I ever had known had his secret words he sung to me as a boy). For all I know – for I know little of what my father did in his life as we were estranged for 40 years before the Lord brought reconciliation that was a wonderful blessing for both of us (oh how trusting you Jesus brings blessings) – the work dad did (that is in some ways oddly similar to one of the projects I am starting on) may even have played some part in my dad’s relationship with God. What I am sure of in my own life is that the project in my work that I have been talking around (being sadly for now needs must so coy) is there in some way as something the Lord would like me to use as an opportunity to serve Him and so grow and receive (not always obvious or immediate) blessings. The Lord may move in mysterious ways, but He is also infinitely elegant in His movement, and careful study and most importantly practical practice (“practica“) as with Tango dancing, teaches how to recognise that movement and move with it, creating something rewarding, exotic, and wonderful.

I’ll leave you with this delightful film –

Note all the movies in this article are links to existing content on You Tube which was put onto You Tube by parties not associated with me.

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