Two for two

As regular readers will know both my wife and I are smart car aficionados, although we do not yet own one. That however should soon be changing as I intend to get not one but two smart cars – one for each of us. All being well the first will be bought by Christmas 2016 for my wife, them mine should follow in the Spring of 2017. My wife wants something purple (yes that is basically the specification) and I like the white and grey one they have in our local showroom. Mainly I like the wheels (a bit of a girly way of choosing a car but… I like them). The pearlescent matt moon white also attracted me (OK I am quite a girly bloke when it comes to choosing cars – BHP and boom-box woofers are not my thing). It may seem odd that, given I now have enough budget to have any spec smart car I want, I haven’t gone for the most powerful Brabus, but I like the wheels on the Prime, and I can still add all the packages I want to the inside to get the toys I want. My new job means I will not generally be doing the long drives I had previously, and much of my driving will now be city driving, and I will no longer have hold-all bags full of equipment to cart around, so a two-seater smart car makes sense as well as being something I simply want because I love the design, specs and comfort levels. Provisionally I have opted for the 90 BHP engine with full auto transmission. I have had more than enough of 5-speed stick-shift thank you, I don’t want to be pulling levers and pressing pedals every two seconds in traffic tail-backs and I don’t need a stick-shift for cruising on the open road either. I used to have an automatic some years ago and they are my preference. I only had stick-shift because that was all I could afford, now I plan to have the transmission I prefer – fully auto (with cruise control and reset buttons on the steering wheel of course). The Brabus would give me 109 BHP but I really don’t need that extra power for anything and nor do I desire a Brabus badge just for others to see. The car I intend to have is about giving me the look and features I want, and I just love those chunky Prime wheels. I will be having the DAB radio, sat-nav, LED lights, adjustable seat and adjustable steering wheel of course. The reversing camera is a bit silly maybe but hey its in the package and who knows maybe I will find it useful.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 14.19.45.png



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