Service problems


Swiss watches “run like clockwork.” Sadly some other things do not. My I-Mac’s motherboard died. That is a large part of why you haven’t heard from me for a while, and I am typing this on a dinky little Lenovo Windows 8 rig. I could have “upgraded” it to Windows 10 for free but actually for a 10-inch touchscreen notebook, 8 is nicer, with a true metro slider interface and let’s face it, a whole lot less baked in spyware.

Normally I am a fan of John Lewis, but at the moment I am somewhat less so. I took in the I-Mac and 4 weeks later I collected it. The repaired unit lasted 8 minutes before it went into a freeze reboot loop. So I took it back. Three weeks later I have it with apparently a new wireless card.. This time I tested it 20 minutes in their shop and so I took it home. Where it has lasted 20 minutes before going into freeze reboot loop. I notice they also misaligned the screen fit, left some sort of glue gunk on the bottom edge, and put a small flaw/chip/scratch on the inside of the screen. Happy bunny I am not.

Anyways, here’s some better stuff I have been indulging in – there world does not entirely stop when one’s I-Mac dies.

My Sony cell phone was very good and lasted many years. I used it as a camera and pod-player, but only really in the house and not as a phone. It finally died so I went for an I-pod  Touch. To enjoy it without disturbing my wife I chose a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 headphones. They don’t feature noise cancelling but they do have very nice large over-ear pads and are of course wireless. The Beoplay IOS app is rubbish but you don’t need it, and the headphones are great. I purchased the headphones at the Colchester, UK branch of B&O – great service, props to them. Practically such frankly expensive headphones deserve a nice stand to keep them stored safely so it’s not wholly indulgent. I couldn’t resist wedging a Baltimore Orioles baseball in it. My few and oft neglected followers will know I am a long-time supporter of that faraway team.


It was my birthday this week, so I received a lovely Harris Tweed flat cap as a present from my wife, and I treated myself to a watch that I have had my eye on for quite a long while – a Mondaine “Swiss Railways” watch.




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