Vous voulez un Brexit dure Monsieur Barnier. Vraiment?

71aqxcwqhul-_sy355_<– Another great British invention.

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In the EU there are 4 rich countries basically paying for the other 24.
Soon there will be only 3 rich countries.
No wonder they are unhappy about us leaving.

We might get a big tariff put on stuff we sell to the EU.
However the EU sells us at least 295 billion Euro’s of goods.
The UK is the EU’s biggest market in goods.
Do the EU want to rock the boat with big tariffs and make the pound drop so we buy far less of their stuff? Really?

Ask a German car maker. Ask a French wine grower. Ask an Italian pump and tap manufacturer. Do they want less export income to help them pay for those 24 other poor countries eh?

How would Europe like us to pull our defence cooperation from the mix? You only see UK, Greece, Poland and Estonia meeting the 2% GDP NATO target. Yeah like 2% of the Greek, Polish and Estonian economies amounts to a whole hill of beans. Oh yeah, and apart from France the UK is the only nuclear weapons power in Europe. Oh and apart from France the UK is the only UN Security Council member in Europe.

But maybe they don’t need us. They will be just fine about losing trade and defence. They won’t mind us sending back all their folks if they don’t let our ex-pats stay in their countries. Like we can’t get cheap labour from Africa instead of Europe but they can get rich retired villa owners from Africa eh? Yeah right.

If we do Brexit hard we’ll see see if they really want to cut their noses off to spite their faces or whether they want to come to the table and talk sense – free tw0-way trade without the social strings and their stultifying Eurocratic unelected gravy train.

Europe is not the world. Europe (sans UK) is 3 rich countries and 24 rather poor ones. It is not America, China, India, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, the rich Arab states or Brazil. If we do need poor countries to replace any European ones that have been ordered by Brussels not to trade with us, there are still about 150 to choose from elsewhere in the world, so lets not get fixated on 24 poor ones in Europe either hey?

Of course there’s always the possibility that the EU will fall apart before the 2-year long divorce is even over. Many citizens in France, Italy and Holland are already very unhappy about the EU, and don’t ask the Greeks whether they would rather have a new deal! Cheap holidays anyone?