I’m Tom…

“I’m Tom…”

Unfortunately if the internet thinks you live in Eastern England you will have heard this whiny afflicted youth who apparently got so far up the nose of his teacher that his teacher thought he could put his voice to better use in a debating society, all over your internet radio ad nauseam. Even the irony has worn off now.

Advert teacher must be an ubermensch because a trip to Beachy Head wrapped in a carpet might be more like what the average human might feel like prescribing after hearing this whingey twang for more than 15 seconds, even once.

This annoying advert has actually stopped me listening to several stations that I usually love to bits. I-Tunes/Radionomy 101 Smooth Jazz for instance. So dear radio station, having a really irritating ad might get you some income, but also cost you listeners, so it’s not all bright in the accounts department there hey?

This ad is brought to us by the UK Govt “Get into teaching” teacher recruitment campaign. Get Into teaching

If ever I harbored even the slightest notion to become a teacher, Tom is the reason I would consider a career in rest-room sanitizing services first.


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