Meteorite strike?

Yesterday it was the regular Orionid meteor shower. I was travelling in my car with my wife in the when there was an almighty bang on the roof. We wondered what it could be as the impact was so strong and there where no stones or any way a stone could have come up and hit the roof in that way, there were no nearby vehicles that could have dropped something form above and no birds or trees that could to cause the incredible impact we heard. I stopped to look at the damage fully expecting to see a very large expensive dent in the roof.

What I saw, or more really felt with my fingertip, was a sub-millimeter chip in the outer paint plastic protective layer. Very difficult to photograph but I have just managed it. It is the small off-white dot in the blue paint above my finger  (reflected sky clouds are seen in the blue paint of the car roof)

I think this tiny chip in the paintwork was caused by the last gasp impact of a burnt-out meteor from the Orionids. I can only emphasise the incredible force with whatever the tiny particle was that caused this chip. The bang was really loud, my wife was startled and wondered what it was and we were grateful it had not hit the windshield as we felt certain it would have smashed it. It may sound far-fetched to suppose it was a meteorite, but given the time and context, such a quite rare but not unknown event as a meteor striking a car seems the most likely to me.

meteorite chip