So, since I last posted we are sponsoring 3 children in Africa and we have two Smart Cars – one red and black, one orange.
Jesus has given me a mission – finally I have a clue what He wants me to do.
It is to help make Africa a better place. So I am volunteering in my professional organisation (I work for a global construction company and am a Chartered member of a global professional health and safety charity) to mentor health & safety professionals, hopefully in Africa. I am not planning to go there, it will be by remote access – internet, letters, Skype etc. I am also doing whatever I can, wherever I can, to raise money for things that help people in Africa.
So here’s some ways you can help me do that:

Specsavers Opticians here in the UK are supporting

You can drop off your unwanted old eyeglasses at Specsavers branches and they will recycle them and spend the money of giving spectacles to poor people in Africa.

There is another great UK charity called Orbis. They help prevent blindness and restore sight in poor countries. They have the flying eye hospital plane, which is simply amazing. If you’re in the UK, the British Government will DOUBLE your donations up until 23rd June 2019.

Of course one of my favourite charities is Compassion UK, which is how I sponsor children in Africa. They have a campaign to help new mothers in Togo, and once again if you are a Brit, the UK will DOUBLE donations up until 23rd June 2019.

If you are in Europe take a look at One Dollar Glasses

In the USA and other countries you can also check out Sightsavers at

Our pretty new cars

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