Anti China Bias In Wired

The recent Wired article about blue dot AI spotting the coronavirus outbreak sooner than humans is great until the biased remark about China not sharing epidemic information is inserted into the article. China has as far as I can see been exemplary in how it has communicated and managed this epidemic. China is giving a masterclass in how to handle such a disaster and they are certainly trying to save foreign lives as well as their own people.
I have had enough of pointless constant anti China propaganda. No they are not a democracy. In our democratic system millions of people who know nothing about governing get to put a cross on a paper once every 5 years to choose people they don’t know who may also know nothing about governing. In China people with an interest in governing have to choose to work their way up over many years learning to govern and get chosen by their peers who also have experience of governing. No it is not democracy but can we really say that democracy is better than the Chinese system? If a people that had extreme poverty escaped from oppression and are now seeing an incredible growth in prosperity, do you really think they would want to change things and possibly jeopardise that? Is it perfect? No. Is our system perfect? No. We have crime and injustice and inequality and cruelty and failures and people lacking the means to change things. So do they. In reality, on the ground, is it really even so different? So puhlease, let’s all just be realists and shove the useless futile childish propaganda where the sun don’t shine and try and be more adult and constructive eh?

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