MOOC done it was fun

I just did Elements of AI (Artificial Intelligence) MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) with Helsinki University (Finland).

The course is in English, open to anyone, free of charge, and can get you a certificate free if you score OK in the exercises (I got one). It is fun. It is not too hard but is hard enough to be a worthwhile challenge. It does get your brain working and revives academic and learning skills that you might not have used for a while, which feels really good.

Subject wise it will open you eyes about AI, and you only need basic math. It is pretty good if you have very basic understanding of computers. It will help you see that some stuff we hear about AI is nonsense, and some of what we hear may be a bit sensible. It will show you where AI will be a good thing, where we needn’t be as worried about jobs as we might think, and that sexy deadly cyborgs are not really likely to be killing us all any time too soon.

Check it out 🙂

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