Barrow, Suffolk UK, Salvation Army bell tower

In the village of Barrow in the County of Suffolk in the UK, where my Grandfather was born (in Stoney Lane) on the Bury Road there stands a mysterious clock tower. It is made of brick. The building it was attached to was known as the Salvation Army Barracks and it was a converted Methodist Chapel, founded in about 1904 – nine years if I recall correctly, before my Grandfather was born. It closed and changed hands some time after 1980. I was told be a local person that the man who bought the chapel “hated the Salvation Army so much” (the local man’s words) that he knocked down the chapel as soon as he had possession of it and built a wall to stop people seeing the tower properly, but that he was not allowed to demolish the tower because the little louvred hut at its top housed the air raid siren (as used in World War II) and “it might be needed again.”

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