Kevintangodance is a 59 year old married man living in a nice rural market town near Cambridge UK. Kevin, as his internet nickname suggests, can dance tango, and he knows a fair bit about the dance and the music. He has “settled down” quite a bit since Jesus came into his life.

Kevin met a girl when he was 17 and fell in love and broke up from her all in a day. He spent the next 38 years going off the rails in so many ways it’s quite hard to believe if you have led a more sheltered or quiet life, and despite the sinful lifestyles he adopted, he never stopped thinking about that girl and wishing he had married her. Then Jesus by His grace reeled Kevin in and one thing led to another, with tango playing a significant role, and Kevin met again the girl he had never stopped loving, and this time he married her.

Kevin frequently travelled widely throughout Europe for more than 30 years and visited more than 30 countries, some many many times. Before he was born again Kevin had stowed away on boats, marched with AWOL soldiers on the run to the French Foreign Legion, seen the wrong side of Albania, and hung out with a gang. Kevin has seen some really bad stuff it up close, right in there. He saw things that killed friends and screw up the lives of people he loves. He has ridden rodeo horses and motorbikes and has walked on the dark side. He used to throw knives, he was scary good with a gun, and he can still throw a rope. He has hitchhiked thousands of miles, sojourned in some bad parts of Athens and Paris. He has been friends with titled aristocrats, well-known actors, opera singers, low-lifes, serious gangland criminals, hells-angels and two war criminals (one old Nazi now dead, one Serbian still alive). He also helped lead a yoga class for 3 years, studied Chinese philosophy and the I-Ching occult for 20 years, and fitted in some Tai Chi, Tai Kwon Do, Zen, Hinduism and Buddhism. Kevin was also no stranger to to the more exotic corners of Cambridge, Brighton and London. He was at the opening night of Heaven nightclub in 1979 (courtesy of a well-known Dr Who actor). It might be reasonable to say Kevin has had a good (bad) all-round introduction to planet Earth.

Kevin started with art training at Art College, did extensive vocational training in photography, read sociology and psychology at University, had substantial vocational training in data analysis, and has a senior qualification in occupational safety and health. He has studied at The Open University encompassing Durham, UEA, Anglia Ruskin and UoC Applied Psychology Unit. He sat his exams at Wolfson (Cambridge), and did private vocational research at Cambridge University Library. Kevin must be some kind of a masochist because he likes doing exams! Kevin has been on the front of a 100,000 strong protest and started a pretty scary incident at a stadium in Spain (he has put social psychology into practice and found it works). Kevin has had successful careers in Commercial Art; Computer Servicing; Newspaper Advertising; Health & Medical Information Analysis; Commercial, Portrait and Forensic Photography; Trade Unionism; and Occupational and Construction Health & Safety. He has worked in diverse organisations. His photographic work hangs in Royal Palaces and NASA facilities. Ask Kevin about the moon-landing conspiracy. Kevin enjoys languages and has a broad taste in music, with a leaning toward jazz.

Kevin is a born again believing practicing Christian – do ask. Kevin is interested in biology, chemistry, cosmology, metaphysics, psychology, sociology, ontology, logic and its epistemology, and physics. Kevin decided to leave Mensa because he learned there is no such thing as G.

Amazingly, occasionally but not often, there are still some things in the world that shock Kevin. Unfortunately they are usually shocking to in the “I am appalled” sense, not the “how lovely” sense.

Since this page was first written 2 years ago, Kevin has been working as a Principal Designer & Safety Consultant for a large construction consultancy. Just occasionally he is part of realising some amazing structures. It is fair to say he is living the dream, and he thanks Jesus for the wonderful life he is enjoying.

When Kevin was younger he fantasised about working in architecture on incredible buildings and having a beautiful woman drive him along in a lovely car. So the other day he was thinking, ‘Here I am sitting in a beautiful car, being driven along by my wonderful wife, thinking about my lovely work.’

Less than two years ago that would have still seemed a crazy dream. Well, just remember Jeremiah 29:11-14

Copyright at this church.

“Thou shalt not steal” is a fairly good guide I came across somewhere 🙂 Most if not all photography on this website is original photography by Kevin. I am trying to avoid stealing from others, please try to avoid stealing from me. If you want to use my images just ask and we can come to a sensible suitable arrangement depending on whether its just a free because you like it or a please pay me because its commercial use. Where there are images on this site by other people, as far as possible they are royalty free, paid for, or creative commons licence type images. Fair-use extracts are taken from web pages and I use cropping to make it fairly obvious these are screenshots of a larger page, or my original photographs of a physical item that has images on it (also cropped to make it obvious that it has not simply being photographed to steal the images) that is relevant to the text or subject matter in the piece it illustrates.




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