Divine Comedy

Jesus ain’t no square. He once amazed me with a a joke that had me almost falling off my sun-lounger when I was feeling very low on a vacation when I could not have the girl I love with me. I was looking at the pool and He quietly said “Do you wanna see a trick?” I instantly knew what He meant – walking on water – it was so irreverent and so funny I had a fit of laughter. It was just what I needed to cheer me up when I was feeling really bad. The secret of a good joke is timing, and of course Jesus has PERFECT timing. The Lord gave us our sense of humour.

I’m a Brit so you get mostly British Humour here – none of the funny American Humor 🙂
I would say there was a certain irony there because I spent part of my childhood with Americans but someone might think I was being sarcastic!

You can add jokes by commenting at the foot of this page.
This is a Christian website so please let’s edify.

Jesus just added a joke to this page! He gave me it in a typo: “sun-lunger” for sun-lounger.
Heh heh, that would be someone you don’t want to sunbathe with because they lunge in an inappropriate way on the beach – probably the same person as in the first joke below.


“Mission Creep” – someone you don’t want to take with you on that evangelical tour.

“Spamela Anderson” – porn seen so may times it becomes annoying.


1 thought on “Divine Comedy

  1. By the end of their philosophy course, the students were sharply divided into two groups – those who thought they had free will and those who just agreed with the first group because they thought they had no free will.

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