Eclectic Collections


An eclectic heap of other stuff, not all musical, that I have liked. This heap will gradually grow. There will be many “Easter-egg” secret links on this page, so happy clicking.

The highly atmospheric and now defunct Shankaboot that showed a brave and hopeful side to the beautiful city and people of Beirut Lebanon.

Heath Bunting‘s cybercafe was almost where I started online in the early days of cyberspace, although I do go back a wee bit before even his wonderful creations as I was first online in 1978 – yep even before PC’s, when the “screen” was a teletype and data was on paper tape and a modem had two rubber cups you jammed your rotary dial handset into that would chirp along in x-modem protocol at 75 bits per second. Yes bits, not megabits or gigabits, just plain bits (Baud).

Moss gathers not on a rolling stone, and this stone, thanks to it’s square belt like some Picasso-esque Saturn, is rolling nowhere and has the moss to prove it.

IMG_20160128_103012 copy.png

The Evoluon film featured on the BBC2 (UK TV channel) test transmissions when that channel first launched. As a child I though it was one of the funkiest things on TV. Here is that movie. About ten years later I visited the flying-saucer-shaped building in Eindhoven, Holland, which stands to this day, now a conference centre.


I really appreciate good design (its part of my job). Here’s a lovely designed web page about some designers called AEI that create lovely things. Top marks to both their webster and to them for the products they create.

Photography by AEI link to Stupid Dope website picture