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Candied Walnuts

I made candied walnuts with Ricola Swiss herbal sweets in the candy. This recipe is obviously not suitable for you if you have a nut allergy. Yummy for Christmas. Here’s the vid:

Firefox irony painful time-waste

Installed firefox (on MacOS 10.13.5), pressed all the keep-going next next next buttons stuff as per the usual just get-started-won’t-you-I’m-dying-of-old-age-here-for-heaven’s-sake programme of set-up dross. Finally reached a lovely mozilla screen that firefox says is insecure. Uninstall. Time-wasters. Talk about rejecting your parents LOL.

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 8.55.09 am.png

New Mac – old story

Oh dear, the new Mac Pro desktop is a lovely machine. No really it is and I would be happy to have one if I had silly amounts of extra cash and actually needed something that can do all that the new Mac can  However, the advertising for it is stuck in the usual hidden-in-plain sight satanic imagery rut that nearly everything is subjected to these days. Yeah, I know, its a sign of the times.

Demons erupt from someone’s body, tentacles come out of a book, freemasonry style platonic solids float around and alarming creatures aggressively fall to earth like lightning à la Terminator.

Is there not something more wholesome Apple could suggest people can do with those powerful computers? Do we have to use them to render nasty evil and satanic images? Come on Apple, nice product but how about leading on the spiritual front as well as on the design and technical eh?

(Screenshots above are from the Apple official films site)

What a Gas

Hey ho, I took a visit to the National Gas Museum <– click for their website. Yeah, sounds crazy but it is a really interesting tiny museum in the UK city of Leicester (famous for red cheese). IMHO it’s actually one of the best museums in England. Size isn’t everything.

Now BE CAREFUL if you want to visit about whether they are REALLY open. The website might say they are, but the curator has been known to go away and close the museum and not update the website. Phone ahead and ask a human. I drove 100 miles to be there, having checked the website, to be told they were closed for that very reason! However a kind volunteer happened to be there and allowed me to have a private viewing. Wow. Megathanks.

I have only put a very few photos – you need to go see it. They have a Gas Powered radio. Yep there is such a thing (but no photo here – no spoilers).



Abandoned Ford Thunderbird 1960’s

Abandoned American car Premier Inn A1 Huntingdon UK 2018.jpgI discovered this beautiful American dinosaur, that died a long way from home. Digging in the internet I believe it is a 1964 (or 65/66) Ford Thunderbird Coupe. It sits decaying at Brampton Hut Premier Inn motel car park on the junction of the A1 and A14 at Huntingdon UK. It is so sad to see such an aesthetically pleasing and obviously classic American car in such a stripped condition. Clearly all the external parts of any use as souvenirs or restoration parts for other autos have been taken, so restoring this old giant would be a difficult task. The paint color is I believe called Silver Monk. Who knows who owned it or why they left it there? Probably an airman from one of the many local USAF airbases. I suppose it will eventually be carted away to a scrap yard. I hope someone sees it and decides to restore it. Fully restored it could be worth 20,000 UK Pounds if sold here in England I would estimate. You can see more about the Ford Thunderbird cars at The jack-frost on the trunk (UK readers say “boot”) has made patterns. So sad such a beautiful old automobile may be lost. It probably could tell a tale of the cold war and the many good times we in Britain have had with our visiting American cousins. A lovely poignant thing.

UPDATE: I went there again. When you have looked below, click here for more: Thunderbird 2


Smart choice

My beautiful wife passed her driving test. Yay!

So I asked the Lord should I buy her a car. He answered “Song of Solomon 3:9-10. King Solomon made a chariot — In which the royal bridegroom and bride might ride together in state.” I took this to be a yes.

So I have purchased her a brand new Smart car as her Christmas present, because she likes Smart cars. The registration number plate ends in YWA. Hmm… sounds like Yaweh. Yep I think this is the right one.

Here it is being prepped at the dealer’s shop ready for me to collect it:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 10.50.45 pm.png

Symbolism in the NatWest advert

Fair use stills for review purposes:


The children throw coins into a fountain. Ever heard of a wishing well? It’s an ancient pagan ritual. Occult.


Ever heard of pennies for a dead man’s eyes. How sinister do you need?


An octagon, in church symbology midway between heaven (the circle) and earth (the square) – why show the octagonal form of the fountain so clearly? Remember – in this 30 second commercial so there are no wasted shots.


Oh that logo is a bit illuminating isn’t it. Three 6-sided cubes? 666?

Does NatWest have a monopoly on such symbolism? Hardly. One of its competitors has a dark horse that canters down through time like a death horseman of the apocalypse into a maternity ward.

Christians recognize these symbols. Our Lord reveals what is hidden in plain sight. The love of money is the root of all evil, the wages of sin is death. Now there is some money sense.


ricolaRicola Original flavour are delicious Swiss sweets – no not the sugar free ones or the other flavours – Original.

But you can do some really wrong things with them!

How about smashing one up and dissolving it in best pure malt scotch whisky and making a Scotch Alp cocktail?

How about melting a couple into a bowl of porridge?

Add one to a cup of Earl Grey Tea.


I am not paid or incentivized by Ricola or anyone else to write this, I just like the product.