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Confusing but good, some tango nuevo

There are two bands that oddly I had not encountered until just this week, both bands are good, but they are easily confused with each other. One is called Trio Grande and has an album called Quadro Nuevo (Remixed). The other is a band called Quadro Nuevo. Both are good. It’s not all strictly tango as it’s in the extended space that is tango nuevo, jazz, klezma, reggae and latin. It is lovely stuff and eminently danceable for a modern milongueoro/a. Here are some vids:

TRIO GRANDE up first

Some of the best tracks from Trio Grande’s album Quadro Nuevo (Remixed) are not out there in You Tube land, for instance the stunningly nice La Luna – so you just have to buy the album (available through the usual large online download retailer). I am a bit pleased by that – they deserve some actual sales for their lovely original contribution to the canon.



Mining tango

Those who know tango’s history, dance, culture and music will know why this music IS utterly and completely tango in many ways despite it not sounding much like what most people think is a tango. Piazzolla is tango’s greatest classical orchestra list, the flute is one of tango’s earliest instruments now seldom used in tango, and the tango owes something to flamenco too. Just enjoy, and if you can dance this, whatever kind of tango you do, then do!

The next video has some tango flamenco crossover, but is more here to show some very well-danced classic tango because it is beautiful to do or just watch.

Unparalleled fun

Are there other dimensions? – Yes.

Are there parallel universes? – No, not as such.

Up-down, left-right, forwards-backwards, yesterday-tomorrow, and all the other directions you can’t so easily see or describe because (mostly) they are very very tiny are dimensions. These are real. All the ones you can’t so easily see or describe, they are the “other dimensions.”

Every thing, every atomic particle is a probability wave. That electron is mostly probably here but it is a bit probably there etc. Things are fuzzy, smeared out probabilistically. Oh, so all the things are a little bit everywhere. A universe is a pattern of where all the bits are. The universe we live in is the one where all the bits are most likely where they are now. All the other combinations of less likely positions are the “parallel” universes. They exist a little bit because they exist probabilistically rather less likely but nevertheless to some extent, alongside (parallel in time), but we don’t usually see them because we are seeing the most likely arrangement of all the bits.

Parallel universes, to the limited extent they exist, are not in other dimensions, they are in the same ones we are in, but they are separated by probability, not by time-spacial dimensions.

And……… jump!

Up-down, left-right, forwards-backwards, yesterday-tomorrow – here are two lovely pieces of music you can dance tango to (or just chill out):

Audiopharmacy – Ruined Lands

Gasoline – The Hardest

They should point you to some wonderfully curated music (not “tango” but you don’t have to play a “tango” to dance a tango, do you).

And……… jump!

If you’re in London (the most hip rad kewl (chose epithet dependant on age and cultural background) city in the world, especially anywhere near Dalston or Haggerston, go to the  Tango Serendipity website. Then get yourself along to Steve’s tangos and classes –  up-down, left-right, forwards-backwards, yesterday-tomorrow… enjoy, learn, relax, change and grow in many ways. You can be part of the coolest thing in the coolest place anywhere in the universe right now. Take it while it’s there don’t grieve when its gone…. you know how that goes.

God Bless y’all 🙂


The Lord of the dance was at my wedding.

Another interesting but short-lived blog. At best that may well be what some of my readers may have thought when I stopped writing this blog two or three months ago. Well real life got busy.

I met the girl I love 39 years ago. She was the first girl I ever kissed when I was 16, We lasted a day, I spent the next 38 years regretting how we broke up and wishing I had married her. I don’t know how many times ovrr those years I cried actual tears.

I went off and lived a life that was all the things a Christian should not be. Use your imagination. Wrong sex, the occult, wrong religion, cars, motorbikes, some violence and drink, lots of diverse and very bad company and quite a lot of different chemicals too – I was a bad boy and I was good at it. I have had some incredible adventures in quite a lot of countries, meeting the highest and lowest, seeing the world in it’s lightest and darkest.

Don’t think this stopped me having three good suit-wearing responsible careers either. But nothing satisfied.

About 5 years ago something inside me snapped. I just walked out of my house and headed for town. I needed something but I didn’t know what. An unsuitable friend had once said he has a social life plan B and that it was dancing. Proper dancing not nightclubs.

I remembered his words and that night by a strange route I ended up at a peculiar tango dancing lesson which was taking place in a shop window as people walked past watching. It was interesting and exotic enough for my jaded personality and I went to tangos every week for four years.

Tango people were funky and intelligent, and dancing with pretty women of all ages but without any sexual agenda was what I needed to lead me away from the darkness toward the light. Even after a couple of months dancing I had changed deeply. My tango teacher had said at the very first lesson to “Beware because tango changes you.” God has a sense of humour and there are no coincidences – as we know as Christians, no such thing as luck – the name of that tango class is “Tango Serendipity.”

In that first two months I changed so much that I said goodbye to my old life. People who I had known couldn’t understand and I couldn’t explain because I didn’t know the reason either. I didn’t know it was God yet. He had me on his fishing line and was gently pulling me away from the dark to the light so subtly I didn’t know it.

Like an object falling, the change got faster and faster. It became exhilarating. One night what I now know was the Holy Spirit came upon me as I was driving home. All those things people say about it feeling like electricity and things, yes but you can’t really describe it.

I searched for answers. I didn’t know it was God yet. I went online to try to find people I could talk to who had the same experience of change. I wanted to avoid the corruption and bad places on the internet and I found a little chat room full of Christians where I felt there would be nothing nasty and I could talk honestly. I was not yet  knowingly a Christian but God had put me where I could learn what had happened to me and who had done it. I went there many times for a few months and chatted with some lovely people. In the end I had exhausted all other possibilities, just as my old life had tried everything except the right thing. I knew there was no other possible explanation. It was God that had changed me. I finally knew.

A few months later God arranged I should “coincidentally” have opportunity to meet the girl I had loved lost and missed all those many years ago. She had been a Born Again Christian for around 30 years. There are no coincidences. I asked her to the tango dance. I was born again, she prayed with me. We got engaged, we did it properly, I had a wonderful baptism we went to our wedding pure. In our church this last year I have so many new lovely friends. The first time I walked in there with the lady who was to become my wife I felt I had come home. One if my favourite songs now us “Come Home” by Johnny Cash.

A few weeks after that first Sunday, up on stage in that church. I gave testimony of who and what I had been and how Jesus had saved me, not because I had asked, known, or earned it, but because of His Grace and Love. I asked my love up onto the stage and proposed to her.

A year later, six weeks ago, we were married. It was a fabulous wedding with all our friends andvfsmilies. Our first dance was a of course a tango.

Jesus likes weddings. His first public miracle was at Cana. He certainly arranged my wedding! He invites everyone to His – the Church is His Bride.

So that’s why you haven’t heard from me a few weeks. I’ve been getting married, going on honeymoon to Scotland, moving house and settling in with the girl I loved all my life. Thank you Jesus my beautiful lovely friend, what words can I say…

Dance dance wherever you may be, for I am the Lord of the dance says He, and I’ll lead you all wherever you may be, I’ll lead you all in the dance says He.