Consumion – consumers unite!

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Consumion – consumers union is a vote with your feet idea. If a company is annoying, well you don’t have to buy their stuff.

Here’s an annoyance I won’t buy –

Mars Bars – because I can’t skip the frequent advert they have put on You Tube.

Generally any company who put out adverts that are intrusive or in any way annoying can expect to get put on my list. Adverts that cannot be skipped will qualify as annoying to me pretty much every time.

The Mars advert with the guy riding a girls bike is funny on viewing number one. By viewing number 50 or so I do not want to be forced to watch it yet again. It is now so completely counterproductive it has made me say “OK I will probably never buy a Mars bar again and I am telling my mates online how annoyed the ad has made me.”

Forcing folk to see the same tired ad again and again is lazy rubbish advertising. Advertising MUST entertain. Repetitiveness and lack of choice is basically NEVER entertaining. Here on the internet we are not in the television era and do not want forced ad breaks like TV shows – either in or between the shows. Advertisers have to up their game or will find their efforts backfire. If an ad is genuinely interesting, superbly well made, tailored to the content it sits with, relevant to the audience and not repeated so often it is irritating, chances are I’ll watch it and enjoy it and the maker will have a chance to tell me about their product. ANYTHING less is a fail that I will skip, and if I am not allowed to skip, then I will COMPLAIN TO ALL MY MATES And tell them why I don’t want to buy that product.

Mars Bars seem to have attracted some dislike or at least some kind of meme about disliking them – a search for “i hate mars bars” on You Tube brought what I found to be astounding number of items on the theme as this screen shot of my search I think shows:


Doubtless many more annoying products, companies and ads will be mentioned here soon.

On the other hand, here’s an ad that was never pushed at me, but I would never have skipped. This is a lovely well-crafted ad (OK I do like Smart cars).

NOTICE: I have not been paid any money or given any inducements by any product manufacturer to mention the products featured in this blog article.

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