Curated Music

Jazz with some Tango, or Tango with some Jazz.
Curated for your pleasure.

Jazzy list curated by kevintangodance

Tangoey list curated by kevintangodance

Jazzy You Tube well curated by Iga Lalek 
I know nothing about this lady except that she knows how to curate music. Check out her Reggae as well.

Tango dancers out there – have you tried dancing tango to reggae? It works rather nicely. Anyway, dancer or not, here’s a nicely packaged mix on You Tube that is good to relax with: Jazz Reggae (Mandis Megamix)

By now you may be SCREAMING “Where is the Christian music?” OK here’s some:

Capital Kings – You’ll Never Be Alone. (Official Music Video)

Mandisa: “Born For This (ESTHER)” – Official Lyric Video

Klingande – Only God Can Save Our Souls (Official Music)

Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)


How Great Is Our God (World Edition) [feat. Chris Tomlin]

You Raise Me Up


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I took this picture of gates in Malgrat, Spain, because someone had graffitied the Venus/Mars symbol on them. This was one of the very first signs that God gave to me that there were rebels recruiting for Jesus, and as soon as I saw it I wanted to join up and rebel against the life Satan had led me into.

I danced a few very nice Tangos along that Spanish coast. Tango was a vital part of my journey to Christ. Dancing a serious difficult technical but very enjoyable dance, exotic and sensual, men and women dressing their best, dancing their best, being and presenting their very best selves. Social, intense, proper Tango. Born in the bordellos of Buenos Aires, but recruited by God to serve His purposes.

Next below is just a bit of fun:


Next up two of the coolest deepest greatest American songsters ever, together! (Sorry they can’t spell Johnny by the way):


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