Light Steps

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T  A  N  G  O    A  R  E  A

Tango played an important role in changing my life. I love the dances the music the history and the culture.

Here are some things that may be of interest to Milongueras y Milongueros.

Lunfardo is the old almost lost secret language of the underworld in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here is a Spanish-Lunfardo dictionary. <– click

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Tango Orange – no not the canned drink, but then again have you wondered why the fizzy orange is called Tango? RED and BLACK are the traditional colours of Tango right? Wrong! The traditional colour originally associated with Tango dancing and music was ORANGE.

Learning and Dancing Tango

I first encountered Tango at Tango Serendipity. This international pop-up Tango resource is unlike any other Tango group or class you will encounter. It has appeared in all the best most happening places around Europe, uncannily on zeitgeist, and only ever staying long enough to firmly plant tango in the souls and soles of the locals. It is currently (early 2016) delighting Dalston in London England. As always Steve, the brains and legs behind Tango Serendipity hits the cultural sweet-spot for practica planting, mounting a milonga and touting tuition. Take it while it’s there don’t grieve when it’s gone… Click here <–

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 13.40.41

If you got a You Tube of an old record playing The Band Played Boogie instead of a dance school you did not follow the simple instructions to click here <–

The following video has a nice piece of traditional Tango Milonga music and perfectly sums up the impromptu and improvisational heart of Tango.


If you would like to listen to my curated collection of tango music, please look in the Aesthetic, Curated Music section <– click here to jump there directly in a new page

NOTICE: I have not been paid any money or given any inducements by any product manufacturer to mention the products featured in this blog article.

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