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Eltham Palace, London, England

Eltham Palace was a Royal Palace that fell out of use and into ruin. The very wealthy (and nice – I know as I happen to have met one of them) Courtauld family completely renovated it in the 1930’s. So here is what you could achieve if you were incredibly wealthy and had impeccable taste in the 1930’s. If you love 30’s style and are ever in London, England this house is a must see. You may feel that entrance charges to attractions are a bit expensive, and often I would agree. However in this case the interior is so wonderful I really think it is worth it. A visit here is an education for anyone who seriously loves architectural interiors. Take heed however it is NOT open on Saturdays. Link here http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/eltham-palace-and-gardens/

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Lighthouse mystery

No-one has ever been able to tell me definitively what was the function of the mysterious “Lighthouse” on top of the very narrow and old “flat iron”-shaped building on the corner of Pentonville Road in London England, opposite Kings Cross rail station. I have done a little research but have always drawn a blank.

There is an internet article (here <–click) that suggests the structure was some kind of an advert for an Oyster House – a place where people went to eat oysters. the building was built in 1888 and it’s unclear how long the lighthouse-shaped tower has been on top of it. The oldest picture they could come up with was 1955 from the background of the film “The Ladykillers.”

Here’s the lighthouse thing inset in my little montage of photos I took maybe about 5 to 7  years ago.


So I was delighted to spot a frame of film from 1948 (so says the BBC in their documentary about the Flying Scotsman train (that was based at Kings Cross rail station) that clearly shows the structure was there in 1948. Sadly it is no clearer what it’s purpose was from the old still than my more recent photo. Stills below ↓

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 20.38.45

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 20.39.38