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This is a Church under construction!

What does that mean? What will it do? How do I join? How do I worship? How do I interact? How can I post? – I dunno yet! I’m letting God lead this project! There isn’t much here yet, but God can make a little go a long way – remember the loaves and fishes.


DAY 2 (10th March 2016)



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So here are some resources I really like and can thoroughly recommend:

Koinonia House a place where you can find Pastor Chuck Missler’s deeply scientific, educated and erudite wisdom.

Pastor Paul Begley on You Tube for a lively different take on the news, and some interesting stuff you won’t see much in mainstream media.

Maasbach Radio – run by Pastor David Maasbach in the Netherlands, uplifting Christian music.

Cold Case Christianity by J.Warner Wallace – evidence-based apologetics – nice site and great podcasts.

Christian Chat – somewhere to go and talk to Christians. Chat with some nice people that won’t troll you or drag you down with sinful horrible talk, but who want to build you up and for you to enjoy all God’s good blessings.

The Christian Institute Legal Defence Fund – helping defend Christian Liberty.

I also recommend a good King James Version Bible – the actual real life solid paper book. So good to flick through, open at random and just read, doesn’t crash, doesn’t need updates, or get malware, doesn’t break if you drop it and needs no batteries.

So finally, on DAY 1 (9th March 2016) of this Church here is a Bible quote:

Acts 2:47 – Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. (KJV)

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