If you turn an Ichthus symbol on its side you get a crude diagram of a woman’s genitalia. This was a graffiti in Roman and earlier times in much the same way as a crude rude picture would be scrawled on a wall nowadays. It was a clever visual pun because it also makes a fish, which is a smell associated with female genitalia at some times during the menstrual cycle.

I think the early Christians got called a very rude name which means female genitals by the Romans, Jews and others who despised them. Being wont to turn the other cheek, and having a former fisherman as an early leader, I think they were happy to adopt this symbol as their own. It became a symbol of the rebellion of hearts and minds that Christianity became to Rome. A rebellion by people not conformed to the world, that transforms those in the world, translating them out of this world into Jesus’ world.

Did you know what crossing your fingers is not  superstition if used correctly. It was an early secret Christian sign made to identify one to another in the early persecuted church. It represents the Ichthus symbol with its crossed tail shape and it is a sign of making a silent prayer.

Jesus turns hate into love, He took a rude insulting pagan symbol and mades it a symbol of of hope and love. Jesus recruited the most unpromising and turned then into great saints. Ichthus is the symbol of the rebellion against Satan and so it is the name and symbol adopted by this online Church.

Praise the Lord!

Here’s a fishy story <– Click


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